In case you haven't heard, we've gone back to the '90s. Indeed, we're guzzling Crystal Pepsi, anticipating a Clinton Presidency, and de-stressing with adult coloring books. Given recent events, can you blame us for wallowing in nostalgia rather than dealing with the issues of our day? 

And any good '90s kid knows that Lisa Frank is a necessity. Life simply isn't worth living without rainbow cheetah print notebooks, unicorn erasers, or, perhaps, multi-colored kitten posters.

For the super dedicated '90s kids, who want to move beyond rainbow unicorn folders and coloring books, we have the LISA FRANK CLOTHING LINE. 


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Yes, it finally happened. Lisa Frank took to its Instagram (which you should really check out as long as you aren't epileptic or prone to migraines) to announce a clothing line available for purchase on RageOn

This can be all yours:


Does it get anymore '90s-tastic than a freaking rainbow unicorn crop top????

And, sure, these aren't quite as cheap as the $2 folders and unicorn erasers, but every item is under $60. A small price to pay for the ability to live in the past. 

Just look at these leggings, guys.


Lisa Frank, take all our money, please. Here's to hoping that we never work in an office with a dress code, because we're going to need one pair of these leggings for every day of the week. #RainbowTigerTuesday, anyone?

Rainbow sweatshirts and leggings are great and all, but honestly, we're just waiting until this is available for purchase.