Despite our best efforts to prolong the teen / college years, adulthood catches up to us eventually. It’s a scary time full of budgeting, responsibility, and lots of cooking.  

Luckily, modern technology has given us myriad ways to cope with this unwelcome new stage of life. So if you or anyone you care about are struggling to adult this holiday season, these gifts may be just what you need:

  1. A customizable 'Tasty Cookbook'


    Choose recipes for your loved one based on their tastes (picky / child-like eater, health nut, carb lover, and, best of all, too busy to cook) and create the ultimate cookbook.

  2. An Excel shortcut keyboard cover


    Adulting inevitably requires some Excel proficiency at one point or another, so it helps to have this cheat sheet that rolls out over a MacBook’s keys.

  3. A microwave egg poacher


    What better way to show someone you care this holiday season than by gifting them a contraption for fancy-ish (almost adult, even) breakfast that requires minimal effort?

  4. A pill remover fabric shaver


    Taking care of office-appropriate clothes requires special products. This item can help with those little balls of lint that ruin sweaters and other fancy-ish attire. 

  5. Caffeine-infused toothpaste

    power toothpaste

    Power Toothpaste is the answer to all your adult morning woes. Get your necessary first dose of caffeine while brushing your teeth in the morning (and save time and money on that otherwise-inevitable Starbucks run).

  6. Hedgehog dryer buddies


    These cuties will speed up your clothes’ drying time by bouncing around in the dryer and creating more space for heat to move around efficiently.

  7. A sweary, adult coloring book

    etsy: pixierahdesigns

    There’s no better way to process the stresses of adult life than by coloring in swear words. 

  8. A microwaveable pasta maker container


    For those nights when you want to cook pasta for three to four people without putting in any more effort than opening the microwave. 


  9. A scissor-tape combo


    Perfect for the almost-adult who struggles with the very adult task of gift wrapping around the holidays. 

  10. A ticket stub diary


    So you can save memories without being a total packrat. This way, no one can nominate you to be on Hoarders

  11. A homeowner's toolkit


    Adults fix things — simple as that. 

  12. An iFlask


    For those days when adulting is just out of the question, we could all use a swig from the flask disguised as an iPhone (it also has a built-in bottle opener for convenience). 

  13. A steel ball 'magic soap'


    Oftentimes, adulting calls for cooking with pungent ingredients like garlic and onion. This ball of stainless steel removes garlic and onion odor from your hands… And it has a lifetime guarantee. 

  14. A pan that will make you a cheerful breakfast


    Since waking up for an adult job probably makes you grumpy, you might as well get some motivation from emoji-shaped pancakes. 

  15. An alarm clock that consoles you with a freshly-brewed cup of coffee


    The Barisieur, designed by genius and probably-not-a-morning-person Josh Renouf, will boil water and pour it over the grinds, all while keeping your cream or milk cool and adding sugar. 

  16. A "chop 'n clear" cutting board


    Because it doesn’t get any more adult than chopping things and organizing them. 

  17. A measuring-cup wine glass


    This handy glass has markings for food measurements and sip measurements (for the drinking chef). 

  18. Paint retouching pens


    Since repainting your place after every scratch and party foul your walls witness would be impossible. 

  19. An eye mask napping pillow


    Living the grown up life is exhausting, so it’s important to be able to nap anywhere.