When most people think of vans, they usually think of sketchy looking dudes in beards offering free candy. Being the son of a contractor, I think of some dude who's trying to round up a bunch of reliable union workers to bang out a job while still outbidding the competition.

These couples however, see a van and think of something completely different.


A popular trending hashtag now is #VanLife, and it represents a community of people foregoing the trappings of home ownership.


And although many of the posts one accounts like advanture glorify twosomes taking to the open road in search of happiness and contentment outside of the typical office life, there are families who are making do on the road too.

Like Graeme.R.Bell, who has got a Wild Thornberrys thing going on with his family.


A photo posted by Graeme Bell (@graeme.r.bell) on



A photo posted by Graeme Bell (@graeme.r.bell) on


People are being drawn to the idea of Instagramming their journeys and sharing their experiences with others online.


The relatively low cost of converting a van/truck (compared to a home) into a mobile living space could be covered from the earnings with a decent social media following.


Blogs and websites dedicated to the Van Life are cropping up with people dreaming of romantic, bohemian lifestyles.


Is the #VanLife something you dream of?


If you're willing to take the plunge, here's a handy guide to help you get started to living life on the road.

Cover photo by RoamingWithRob