I often dream about the technological singularity and humanity's ability to transcend and overcome our crappy biological forms to become immortal. I know a lot of people say that they wouldn't want to live forever, but to be honest, that completely baffles me.

I always feel like there's not enough time in the day to do anything. Even if I'm done with all of the more "noble" pursuits like being fluent in multiple languages, learning new fighting disciplines and techniques, writing even more, there's still a ton of movies and video games I will never, ever have time to play unless I'm immortal. Plus, eternity with my wife and kid? HELL YES.

It seems that a lot of people agree with me too, because when the folks over at BodyLogic conducted a survey to see what people would do or give up for the ability to love forever, it turns out that eternity trumps most other things.

It turns out that most people would be willing to give up their favorite food for lifetime youth, fitness, and sex drive.


It turns out that people would be most willing to give up their favorite foods to live in eternal bliss. But they weren't willing to let go of their friends and family or sex. Which is totally understandable, what's the point of living forever if there's no one to hang out/have sex with?

The survey also wanted to see the lengths people would go to for youth.


And broke down the differences between men and women when it came to particular "would you rather" questions.


But when it came down to some ultimatums, people were surprisingly willing to give up eternal life.


And when asked whether or not they wanted to live forever, people pretty much overwhelmingly wanted it across the board.


They even broke down the type of dream jobs people would be willing to forego for eternal life.


And an overwhelming majority of people would be fine with giving up on true love for the opportunity to live forever.


But depending on when you were born, the number of people who cared about youthful pursuits dropped.


And depending on the generation you're from, the youthful desires you care most about are drastically different.


You can learn more about BodyLogic's survey here. In the meantime, just keep your fingers crossed for the upcoming singularity.