The holidays are a roller coaster of emotion.

Yes, you get to see family members that you rarely get to see, but you will also remember why you choose to rarely see them.

Yes, you get plenty of presents, but you also had to spend a fortune buying other presents. 

Yes, you will watch classic Christmas movies, but you will also realize that most of these movies don’t hold up. 

But every so often something will happen that is simply perfect. No need to qualify it with a “But.” 

  1. Sounds like a cool kid

  2. Best Christmas Gift Ever

  3. How'd it get there?

  4. Technically not re-gifting.

  5. This doesn't sound great...

  6. He IS real!

  7. Who could forget!

  8. What about a three year old?

  9. Yes but what gift did he get you

  10. About time

  11. Ya-hoo!

  12. You should find a new house

  13. What a feast!

  14. Thankfully Santa was not bothered by the storm

  15. Crazy how this seems so ordinary now

  16. Not your normal Christmas story

  17. This is not her favorite memory

  18. I don't know who these people are but this sounds cool

  19. Seems delightful

  20. Could change this year

  21. You maniac!

  22. Delightful

  23. Seems like it is his best too!

  24. Seems like a painful way to spend the day.

  25. Hard to top this!