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Feeling Low? These Wise Words Are Guaranteed To Get You Motivated

Feeling Low? These Wise Words Are Guaranteed To Get You Motivated
1 year ago

You know what is hard? Life. 

It seems like whenever things are going well, something comes along and blows the whole thing up. It can be hard to keep going when you know it can all fall apart at any moment. The thing is, you have to. 

I know that is the laziest advice anyone could ever give, but it is the truth. Fortunately, very smart people have given us the tools to keep going. Yes, they are just words, but there is strength in these words, and sometimes that is all we need. 

Have you seen my early work?
It isn't worth comparing yourself to others.
Who knew WSJ was so deep?
From the halfman himself.
Go out and explore.
That guy is a jerk.
Terry Crews would never steer you wrong.
Practice makes perfect, right?
One is clearly worse than the other.
Sounds so much easier than it is.
This cartoon is so smart.
Don't break that streak!
I'll take those odds.
Yeah. Why not?
This is surprisingly profound.
Be the change you want to see in the world.
Your clock is the only one that matters.
Thank you, Dr. Suess and Catherine.
He knows what he is talking about.
At least you got there.
Puts things in perspective.
Where can I get this bucket?
You're braver than you think.

Chin up, team.