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Twitter: @LosingMotion, Apple
The iPhone X Is Encased In Glass, And People Are Already Discovering The Downside

Apple has always had a smash hit with each subsequent release of their newest iPhone model. Their latest iteration, however, the much anticipated iPhone X, has even the most diehard Apple faithful questioning their design choices.


The new iPhone X was just released on November 3, but consumers have already found one massive flaw in the design of their new tech toy:

Twitter: @LosingMotion; Apple

While Apple claims their new screen is made from "The most durable glass ever in a smartphone, front and back," users have noticed that is not always the case.

Twitter: @CNET

Some on Twitter already had their own iPhone X horror stories to tell...


This raises an interesting point: why make the phone backing out of glass in the first place? Supposedly, the inductive charging feature?

Or maybe a simpler reason...


Just Apple being Apple, it seems.


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