Remember when you were little and you'd be playing with your LEGO toys all day and night? Sigh. That was the life. Who can forget those yellow-faced people and all the adventures you'd built for them? You could stay content for hours.

Well, now you can relive your childhood, but this time you can actually be a part of the LEGO toys' world. This Etsy store, Funly3DFaces, will customize your own head to fit onto a LEGO Minifigure. MIND BLOWN. 


That's right. For 30 bucks you can now be your own LEGO Minifigure, along with all your friends. 



The online store requires two photographs of the head that you'd like to be made. A straight on shot and a profile. They then take the photos and convert then into 3D using a full color 3D printers.



You can even go so far and them made up as a wedding cake topper.


Dreams. They really do come true.


h/t Mashable