In case you needed any more proof that we live in the future, we now have technology that can train your brain to sleep. Sleep Shepherd Blue, a headband (with an accompanying app) uses "brain-training" sounds to help users get deep sleep — the most critical stage of the sleep cycle that helps you feel refreshed, rebuild muscle, and increase reaction speed.  

Not the most fashion-forward piece, but your sleep cycle thanks you. 

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kickstarter/ sleepshepherd

This invention comes to you from Michael Larson, a mechanical engineer turned entrepreneur, after his teenage daughter was prescribed THE DATE RAPE DRUG to help treat her sleep disorder. He decided that society could probably do better than prescribing 17-year-olds the date rape drug, so he hoped to develop a drug-free tool to combat sleep disorders. This began with the Sleep Shepherd hat and has evolved to the less cumbersome headband called the Sleep Shepherd Blue.

So how does it work?

kickstarter / sleepshepherd

The headband plays humming sounds called binaural beats that slowly lull the brain into a meditative state and, eventually, into deep sleep. Binaural beats "are like a hammock for your brain," Larson told The Huffington Post. "They help your brain slow down, which is the very definition of sleeping." And studies suggest that they improve perceived sleep quality.

kickstarter/ sleepshepherd

The headband and accompanying app monitor your brainwave frequency. If the EEG sensors register waves moving towards wakefulness, the device will play beats designed to slow waves back down. The app also tracks your hours or sleep and registers how much time you spend in each sleep stage. 

Heads up, insomniacs: The headbands are available on Kickstarter and will ship out next month.