The best part of new parenthood, it seems, is the opportunity to dress up a tiny human in all the things you wish you could wear in public. Green fleece onesies? Done. A superman costume on a regular Tuesday afternoon? No one bats an eye.

This means that Halloween can get really crazy. Plenty of parents go all out, dressing up their kiddos in elaborate costumes. 

Mom of five Katie Stauffer is particularly dedicated to her kids' Halloween costumes, and she has quite the Instagram account documenting the outfits rocked by her twins — who were born on Halloween two years ago. 


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Life must be exhausting with the number of outfit changes they've gone through in the past month. 

In case you were needing some costume inspiration, look no further: 


Well Halloween is their Birthday sooo naturally they need several costumes....??

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They've taken inspiration from Grease...


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Who says twins have to dress exactly the same?

...And Orange Is The New Black


The real OG's of AZ #orangeisthenewblack

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Red and Piper never looked so cute. 

They even gave Netflix's newest hit Stranger Things a shoutout. 

What kind of siblings would these kiddos be without paying homage to the Kardashians?


Kiki and Kourt ??

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...Although it's tiring being that famous. 


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The Kardashians must take daily naps. 

They've even dressed up as everyone's 'favorite' Youtuber Miranda Sings


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Because the haters don't get them down. It's part of being Internet famous. 

Sometimes they opt for a more relaxed look. 


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Cucumbers and all. 

Although there's no denying they have a wild side. 


Possible Halloween Costume? Biker they just need a bike or a black radio flyer ?

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TBH, we didn't know they made leather pants in toddler sizes. 

But perhaps this is their scariest costume of all. 


Good Luck America ???

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We look forward to seeing the terrifying and hilarious twin costumes these two come up with as they grow up. Hopefully, when they're a little older, they'll channel the twins from The Shining