You just don't mess with Mother Nature. Seriously, don't try it. No matter how much we change our climate, or dig up the earth, or set up new condos, or up the amount of carbon monoxide we're releasing into the air, Mother Nature always wins. All of us die and she has the last laugh.

And if you want a demonstration of just how powerful the earth can be, just take a look at the Papatea Fault in New Zealand in the aftermath of a brutal earthquake.

The sea bed was lifted an astonishing 19.6 feet up in the air, creating a huge stone wall.

Locals called the sound of the shifting fault-line as "horrendous." The sound they were hearing wasn't the earthquake itself, but the noise of running water pouring over the newly raised fault line.

Marine life was found in the aftermath of the earthquake, giving onlookers a glimpse into ocean life on dry land.



Sorry you had to die, fishy friends.