Odds are, you've seen a lot of these two gentlemen on TV. Powerful dudes with questionable hair and fashion sense who are likely to affect the future of their respective worlds. And their leadership will inevitably end in some apocalyptic disaster. Let's recap what these long lost twins have in common: 

1. They both have... "daring" fashion sense. 

hollywoodreporter/ Getty Images

These stunners epitomize 'gaud' in their maroon suits and pink ties. And don't get me started on the hair, which is either natural or a dead ferret. 

2. They both own impressive real estate. 

trump/ jabberjays

Between the golden towers and the mansion in the City Circle, they have some pretty sweet party palaces. 

3. They both have some great political catchphrases.

Getty Images/ Distractify

"May the odds be ever in your favor," "Make America great again" ... It's all about having a phrase that fits nicely on a baseball cap. 

4. They're both really into protecting their territory. And walls. 

Snow knows to keep The Capitol safe with a wall-- the wall that will probably seal off our borders in 2016 if Trump gets his way. 

5. They both believe only one woman can stop them. 


...In fairness, I wouldn't want to be up against Katniss or Hillary either. 

6. Most of their power comes from reality TV.


Whether it's making contestants compete for jobs or their lives, these bros know how to create compelling television. Television which does a pretty decent job of reinforcing their power-- through money and sheer intimidation. 

7. They both have a strong stage presence. 


Being in charge takes a certain charisma, and these gents have it down. It's pretty hard to sell an entire country on the concept of killing 12 boys and 12 girls every year. It's similarly difficult to get anyone to care about beauty pageants in the age of female empowerment. 

8. They both have a lot of enemies.


Between Rosie O'Donnell, rebel districts, and North Korea, these guys have some significant foes. And they're not afraid to take 'em down. 

9. They both have perfected the stank face. 

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No one can take you seriously about the state of our economy of Panem's unity unless you have your angry-political-stank face to go with your platform. 

10. Jennifer Lawrence hates them both. 


Both of these gentlemen are pretty screwed without JLaw's approval. So they might wanna rethink their stances on oppression of the districts and race relations. J-law has even said a Trump presidency would be "the end of the world."