You can waste hours and hours of your life arguing and responding to some stupid sh*t people post on Facebook. Like someone who was pissed off that you posted that Donald Trump was attacked by a bald eagle. In fact, these days, you've probably seen a lot of heinous support for Donald Trump on your feed and it's starting to grind your gears.

So instead of engaging in a pointless debate or seeing some silly ass stuff that'll only piss you off, here's how you can easily dump anyone who supports the Donald.

1. Log into Facebook.

Step ONE: Log into Facebook!

2. Go to your search tab.

Step TWO: go to the search tab.

3. Search for: "my friends who like Donald J. Trump" 

Step THREE: search "My friends who like Donald J. Trump."

4. See who they are and gasp.

Step FOUR: Identify them!

5. Click "friends", then "unfriend" and drop 'em like a bad habit.

Step FIVE: Cut that negativity out of your life! You don't have time for that!

Well, a bad habit you can easily get rid of.

6. Enjoy your bigot-free Facebook feed.