Sure, winter might be cold — but at least you don’t have to do shit. There are plenty of benefits that should be taken advantage of by lackadaisical folk during cold weather months. Benefits which can only be enjoyed guilt-free during this most hallowed time of year. 

Here are some of the best things about winter time if you happen to be a fan of laziness. Sloths of the world, rejoice!

  1. You never have to justify staying in for the evening. 

    No one can fault you if you choose to stay inside. Because outside is cold and scary and too much hassle. Also your TV isn’t out there.

  2. Hats are your friends on bad hair days. 

    The amazing thing about hats is that they cover your hair, i.e. that mop of stuff that has forsaken you in these cold months and refuses to bend to your will. Don’t sweat it! Just put on a knit cap and you’re set to go for the day. As long as you don’t mind looking like an aspiring graphic designer/celebrity incognito. 

  3. It's No-Shave November for like, four whole months. 

    During the cold months, it is perfectly acceptable for men to sport beards and women to sport … er, leg beards. Fuzziness is accepted — nay, welcomed! — by winter. Which means you can take the time you would have spent shaving and use it in a more productive manner (like sleeping). 

  4. Bundling up means you can stop working out for a while.

    Ah, layers. A fabulous way to camouflage pretty much everything.  Bless. 

  5. Awards season means more low-key hangouts and viewing parties.

    With the Golden Globes, Oscars, SAG Awards, etc. occurring during the winter season, there are plenty of opportunities to hang out with friends at home — so you can avoid going out and having to act like a human being. Win win! 

  6. Your wardrobe options become much more narrowed down. 

    Trying to decide what to wear is super annoying, so it’s helpful when you only have a handful of sweaters to choose from. Plus, sweat pants go with pretty much anything … right? RIGHT??

  7. Daylight savings time is every lazy person's ally. 

    “Whoops, it’s dark at 4:30! Guess it’s time to call it a night!” – You, justifying your six evening hours spent on the couch. Who can argue with such solid logic?

  8. Snow days.

    Inclement weather can get you out of pretty much anything. Running late, taking a day off, staying in — all you have to do is blame it on icy roads and you’re in the clear … unless, you know, you’re living in Florida, in which case these excuses might not work so well. 

  9. Fireplaces are the ultimate setting for lazing.

    If you’re sitting there, and there’s no fireplace, you’re doing nothing. But, if you’re sitting next to a fireplace, suddenly you’re “getting warm.” It’s the perfect lazy person activity! You can even do it while reading a book, if you’re feeling ambitious. 

  10. Everyone has pretty much given up, anyway.

    It’s winter. None of us will be “trying” or “putting in an effort” again until springtime. So stop trying to look cute, dammit, and just hibernate already!