Television probably doesn't get anymore boring than watching two politicians duke it out on live TV. That is, unless it's Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, but they're sort of an outlier here. 

But let's just imagine for some odd reason you do decide to tune into C-SPAN on a lazy Tuesday afternoon so you can act like you're cultured. You mute it, flip on the subtitles and pretend to pay attention. The last thing you ever expect is to actually be entertained by it.

Well that's exactly what happened for a few folks in Sweden recently.

The usual bland slate of political debate shows turned into a hilarious mistake when a Swedish TV station accidentally replaced the subtitles for the political forum with that of a kids series.



An Imgur user caught the mistake and uploaded a translation of the best bits into English.

The accidental commentary seems so fitting considering nothing ever actually gets done in politics. So it's nice to see politicians covering the important issues for once.



According to another user, the mix-up was with the kids show Dinosaur Train, which airs on PBS in the United States. 



We're guessing this would definitely increase ratings. 



Really looking forward to seeing this thing built.

KjxL5bc (2)imgur


While the TV station was probably not very happy with the mishap, we can't help but sit back and laugh at the mashup of dialogue. Distractify reached out to the user to see if they had any info on what caused this to happen but received no response.

On the brightside, they could have swapped in something a whole lot worse than a harmless PBS kids show. We're guessing whoever was responsible for this goof will probably get off pretty lightly. (h/t imgur)

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