Amazon is an impulse buyer's dream/nightmare.  They have tons of great stuff at amazing prices, and even more terrible things at even better prices, and can get it all to your doorstep on the same day to maximize the impulsiveness of your decision!

The problem with applying the "what you see is what you get" philosophy when purchasing something online, especially something on the lower end, is that the seller can pick and choose exactly what it is they want you to see.


When a comedian by the name of Emily Heller decided to buy a doormat from Amazon, the joke was on her.

Here's a better look at the listing, complete with the image of the doormat

And this is what she received

It gets even worse when you take a closer look


Clearly, she's been bamboozled


She contacted the seller for a refund, and got this response

The seller insists it was her computer monitor's display settings that made the doormat look any different from what she received.


Her fans had a laugh about it with her, and a few started sharing similar stories of being scammed



She even had someone accuse her of making the whole thing up



But ultimately she reached out to Amazon and got her money back


And here I was complaining about the oil separating in the 12 pack of peanut butter I ordered.