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23 Tweets That Sum Up Your Co-Workers
2 years ago

It’s easy having co-workers. You spend an insane amount of time with them and the only thing you have in common is that you were hired by the same company. Here are 23 tweets that sum up how we feel about these very strange relationships.

Sounds delicious

Nicknames do help with camaraderie

What could go wrong?

Honesty in the workplace is important

Probably a very long time

What a monster

A solid plan

Ruthless, indeed

Someone is going to have a meeting with HR

It's strange how this can be a bad thing

There's got to be an easier way

Is this mean or nice?

It's better for you anyway

Maybe not the best plan


Here's to hoping it lasts

Communication is key

On behalf of everyone

We're not ignoring this

Who does this?

Be yourself

Classic Todd

And, finally, the honest truth