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Woman Shares Insane List Of Rules She Wrote For Her Boyfriend's Vacation

Setting a list of ground rules before your significant other goes off on vacation seems to be pretty common practice these days. Earlier this month, a guy shared the hilarious guidebook his girlfriend wrote for him before he went on holiday to Magaluf. 

And yesterday Jane Park, 20, from Edinburgh in the United Kingdom decided to share the list of rules she drew up for her boyfriend Connor George ahead of his week away with friends. She posted the list to Facebook and they're pretty in depth and hilarious... 


She's even designed him this lovely custom t shirt so all the girls know he's off limits. The caption reads "If you are reading this... you are too close to my boyfriend."


If her list of 20 rules doesn't send off warning signs, her sign off should...

"Be safe, enjoy yourself, because it’s the last boys’ holiday you’ll be on.""Be careful, I may turn up, love u. Jane."

But Connor seems to be taking it in his pride, promising to wear the shirt. 

Though he didn't seem as receptive to the idea on Twitter.

And it turns out that Jane was invited, but decided he should probably enjoy himself. Hense the ground rules. 

Though some people did seem to think that the rules went a little too far.

Others just found it plain hilarious. 

Incidentally, Jane won £1 million in the lottery when she was just 17, so she can probably afford that t shirt — and the drug test. Of course, this is all a joke — we hope. But what do you think of Jane's rules?