When you’re a parent, anything that’ll help occupy your kids’ time so you can get some work done is a godsend. It doesn’t matter what it is — any activity that’s safe and will keep them busy for as long as possible will work. Just anything, dear God, anything to give you some precious time.

The truth is that my son, just like any other human, gets bored of something almost immediately. He’s always running onto the next thing, and then the next thing, so I stopped, rather early, trying to make sure he’s entertained all the time. 

If you run into similar problems with your kids you might want to try a few of these dad hacks compiled by Bored Panda that’ll give your kid something to do while you go do some adult things like paying bills or pooping in (relative) peace.

  1. Have him "paint" a fence with water.


  2. Cardboard dividers for fighting babies.

    jake white

  3. Hiding your chocolates in a bag of green beans.

  4. Refillable butcher paper drawing canvas.


  5. An upside-down fitted sheet to stay sand-free.

    team johnson

  6. Old cot turned into work/play station.


  7. Stickers to teach kids the difference between right and left.


  8. Decoy glove filled with a bean bag so they can feel loved.


  9. Plastic eggs so their damn lollipops don't stick everywhere.


  10. Drawing in an empty cardboard box.


  11. Coffee lid? Drip stopper.

  12. No more getting locked in anywhere.

  13. Controllers that aren't actually plugged in.


  14. Fitted sheet to give them shade/keep bugs out.


  15. Dad as a photoshoot prop.

  16. Oversized shirt with graduation date on it. Take a photo every year.

  17. Chart drawn on the prescription bottle of kids' medicine.

  18. Glowsticks in the bathtub!


  19. Frozen marshmallows instead of ice packs.


  20. No more slammed fingers.

  21. DVD boxes are now coloring cases.

    Stacy Vaughn

  22. Pool noodles to cover trampoline springs.


  23. Mix up boys and girls toys so kids grow up stereotyping less.


  24. Keep baby's toys from floating away.


  25. Turn the bottom drawer into a pull out step stool.

    Ana White

  26. Keep soap and water out of baby's nose and eyes with a baby shower cap.


  27. Temporary tattoos with contact information.

  28. Cardboard box slide.

  29. Save toilet paper with this roll marker.

  30. Mesh bag to wash your kids' Legos.

  31. Stability ball seats to help your kids concentrate.

  32. DIY bottle holder.

  33. Velcro rug holders.

  34. Make a reusable dry-erase babysitter board.

  35. Tap reach extender for kiddoes.

  36. Color routines.

  37. Turn chores into games.

  38. Table baby hammock.

    joyful abode

  39. Dish soap and condition their doll's hair.

  40. Make them "Monster Repellant" to help them stay safe at night.


  41. Toilet Paper-Roll car garage.


  42. Scavenger hunt game to help them find all the stuff they lose.


  43. Slick paint on sock bottoms to stop slipping.


  44. Wind Tunnel Fort.

  45. Funny toothpaste caps that'll make them want to brush their teeth.


    All images courtesy of imgur. Check out more parenting hacks courtesy of Bored Panda.