Everytime I visit my local movie theater with its $8 ticket prices, I make sure I get something from the concession stand. I don't mind paying $5 for a large diet Pepsi because that's where they make most of their money. Plus, the amount of money I'm saving on tickets compared to the big AMC at the mall is pretty significant.

But that doesn't mean if I'm having a cheat day while watching a movie at one of the larger theater chains that I'm going to blow $30 on some gummy bears and chocolates. I might get a drink, but I'm gonna sneak in some of my own snacks. That's where cargo pants and purses come in handy.

And when it comes to shamelessly sneaking food into movie theaters, no one does it better than moms.

Which is probably why the internet's so in love with this San Antonio mom who brought corn on the cob to the movies.

Her son put her on blast by snapping a photo and uploading it to twitter. She may have looked a bit shocked in the photo, but people were lapping it up.

Twitter was immediately smitten with her cinematic corn chomping ways.

They especially loved her bib.

And just her willingness to sneak in corn.







Nothing's worse than the teen I was sitting next to during The Dark Knight Rises who snuck in a messy Chipotle burrito. (h/t my san antonio)