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This Drunk Boyfriend Won Us Over With His Absurd Apology Gift To His Girlfriend

This Drunk Boyfriend Won Us Over With His Absurd Apology Gift To His Girlfriend
Updated 1 year ago

Even in the best of relationships, people are bound to make mistakes every once in a while. However, what separates the good from the bad relationships are how we react to these occasional screw ups.  

16-year-old Jodie Duncan from Scotland and her 18-year-old boyfriend, Kieron Cameron, can probably teach us all a thing or two about relationships.

The two lovebirds were supposed to spend a quiet night in together, but Cameron came home a little too drunk after a wild night out for a friend's birthday. Luckily, though, he had a plan to redeem himself. 

Cameron was feeling pretty guilty about getting too drunk on what was supposed to be a romantic evening in. So he messaged Duncan — quite a few times — to see if he was in trouble. 

"Didn’t expect to go downstairs for a drink to come back to a message on every app we both have," Duncan told BuzzFeed News. "But I wasn’t angry in the slightest, was just shaking my head at him." 

But Cameron wasn't finished trying to make amends. Duncan even received an apology email complete with a £10 MAC gift card.  

Since Cameron's consistent, the personalized note accompanying the gift card reads " r u angry at me."

Well, now we know that love exists.

"I don't think Kieron would've sent me that if we didn’t have such a jokey/fun relationship because he knows I wouldn’t be annoyed at him about it," she said.

Of course Duncan had to tweet the epic apology for the world to see. 

And Cameron just kept providing more material for us to enjoy.

He seems really sorry. 

Twitter was impressed with the #RelationshipGoals on display — Duncan's photo was retweeted over 28,000 times... And people wasted no time letting her know that she'd landed "a good one."

@_jodieduncan u got a good one there girl
— CB (@charlotteebevan) December 10, 2016 

Duncan wasn't expecting all the online attention. "I only posted it to Twitter thinking our friends would get a laugh out of it," she said. "Loads of people think it's cute and are quoting it saying 'goals' or whatever, which is nice."

Some killjoys pointed out that £10 won't get you very far at MAC, but CLEARLY, they missed the point. The greatness was in the thought (and the subject line). 

Significant others everywhere, take note...