I know I'm getting old and grumpy because whenever a new #challenge shows up on Twitter or Instagram I immediately hate it and want no part of it. So at parties or family gatherings whenever someone whips out their phone and says, "hey guys we should do this!" I try to retreat or silently sabotage any attempts at getting it done.

I eventually succumb and take part in said challenge, and yeah, it actually ends up looking kind of cool. But that doesn't mean I have to like it.

Just like I don't have to like the #LazyManChallenge either.

I don't care that the people doing it seem to defy the very laws of nature and gravity itself.





I don't care that they managed to take something that people have been doing for a while and breathing new life into it either.


Because you see, there are other people out there like me who don't have the patience or time or goddamned flexibility to be messing with these challenges ya'll keep coming up with.


I just want no part of it. No matter how cool or unbelievable it looks.