There are a lot of people freaking out over the fact that both the CIA and the FBI have indicated Russian-based cyber attacks and interference played a big part in Donald Trump getting elected, something that Russian president Vladimir Putin is denying vehemently. There are also a lot of people who are demanding to see the intelligence or understand the extent of Russia's involvement, Donald Trump included.

But what it's really boiling down to is that our nation is more divided than ever, with a group of people who are willing to take our own domestic intelligence agencies at their word, versus a group of people who would rather take the word of Russia and their intelligence agencies.

Something that Saturday Night Live hilariously pointed out in their latest sketch featuring everybody's favorite/hated President-Elect, Donald J. Trump.

Putin even pays a visit dressed as Santa Clause, and Rex comes on by to discuss business, leaving Trump feeling a little left out.

It'd be even funnier if it didn't hit so close to home.