In true 2016 fashion, over 70 Samsung Galaxy Note 7s have exploded in the United States this year (before their eventual recall). In fact, 13 people were injured by the phones in just a few months. 

Understandably, since the disaster, the United States Department of Transportation has issued a strict ban on the devices. 

So, if you're looking to have a quick and painless plane flight to your holiday destination, here's a tip: be careful about what devices (and device names) you bring with you on the plane. 

Passenger Lucas Wojciechowski made a disturbing discovery during his Virgin America flight from San Francisco to Boston on Tuesday. 

After all, the device is  prohibited on all U.S. flights. 

Turns out, Wojciechowski wasn't the only one to notice the concerning name for the nearby wi-fi device.  

The flight crew was NOT messing around. 

Because smuggling a Samsung phone is the new equivalent to boarding a plane with explosives strapped to your luggage. 

Even the pilot got involved. 

They crew threatened to have the plane diverted unless someone came clean. 


iMore Editor Serenity Caldwell, who happened to be waiting for a flight out of Boston, got the details from an airline employee. The device was not, in fact, a Galaxy Note 7 — a brilliant passenger simply renamed the device to GN7.  

This makes about as much sense as naming your wifi network 'bomb' or 'AR-15'. 



According to BBC, Wojciechowski believed no further action was taken against the offending passenger. 

We sincerely hope he's renamed his device to something no threatening, like "puppies on a plane." (h/t bbc)