We all remember the freeing and glorious moment when we finally reached the legal drinking age. Well, perhaps the evening celebrations are a little fuzzy, but it's impossible to forget the utter joy of realizing that you have the freedom to go to a bar and order a drink (without sneaking in and risking using a fake I.D). 

That said, our irresponsible, child-like behavior doesn't end once we reach the drinking age. In fact, most of our early 20s are spent causing drunken chaos in every establishment we patronize. However, one New York bar is sick of the early 20s bacchanalia, and they've created a new drinking age. 

Phil's Crummy Corner bar in Brooklyn raised its weekend drinking age to 25 to avoid "rowdy crowds," Press Union reports. 

The change comes in the wake of complaints about "late night shouting" and discarded beer bottles blanketing the streets, according to restaurant manager Isabel Santiago. 

Locals vented their frustrations at the 76th precinct meeting last week — and their comments are, frankly, hilarious. 

"You will be shocked about the number of conversations you can hear from my bed," one resident said. "They're animals. Friday and Saturday night, it's like animal town."

...Anyone who's been to a college party can relate. 

But locals who attended the meeting are not the only ones frustrated by the chaos surrounding the bar; there have been over 20 complaints against Phil's in the last year. According to Press Union, authorities have received 311 noise complaints since 2012. 

Residents also noted that the bar's patrons park illegally on the sidewalk and near fire hydrants —  and weekend parties typically drag on until four in the morning. 

However, Phil's is determined to work with the neighborhood to stop the debauchery. 

The young 20-something crowd will have to find another bar to terrorize on weekend evenings, and the bar's management recently hired a bouncer. 

"Their quality of life is our concern," Santiago told local news. "We are diligently working on that."

So, young Brooklynites with vape pens and newly-horizontal I.Ds, you'll have to find a new spot. (h/t press union)