For college students, coming home for the holidays is usually the highlight of the year. It's a time to hang out with high school friends, relax and unwind from final exams, showers without flip flops, and experience the creature comforts of home. 

The return of the prodigal child can be great for parents, too — sometimes. However, housing a twenty-something with a college sleeping schedule and teenage habits can be a total nightmare. 

One dad, in particular, felt the struggle this Christmas season. 

Pharmaceutical salesman Dan Howard decided to record a confessional-style video of his parenting struggle. 


Dan really experienced all the joys of having a college kid home for the holidays — heavy luggage, 3 AM cookie baking sessions, piles of clothes spread throughout the house...

But, luckily, he remains positive about the whole ordeal. As he points out, the family doesn't have to go to the gym anymore! "We just jump over the piles and pretend they're hurdles. Very good for the quads."

Check out the hilarious video, which has received nearly five million views, below. 

Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Dan. Only a few more days! Hang in there. (h/t cosmopolitan)