For the past decade I have spent New Years Eve with the same group of friends. I am normally in bed by 12:02 but I hear the rest of the evening is a good time. The next morning my friends tell me of all their drunken misadventures while I smile and nod. Other people may ask me what I got up on New Years Eve and I will say that I slept through people stealing a stop sign and vomiting on playgrounds.

You know, what I say it only reenforces my desire to go to sleep early. 

  1. Everyone should do this every year.

    My brother got me drunk and put up banners all over the house in the current year and made me think I was just having a dream. He even recorded the last year’s new years show and put in the dvd as well as having the stupid 2009 glasses.


  2. This sounds like a John Hughes movie.

    High School. 1988. Stayed overnight with my BFF. We drank virgin Pina Colada’s and watched Dirty Dancing on the VCR…then her older brother came home half wasted with his best friend, who I had a MAJOR crush on (and who’d been voted the best looking guy at the school). They just chilled out with us and watched the movie and we all just talked and laughed. Nothing remotely naughty happened and I still felt massively cool because from that night on, one of the most popular seniors at our high school would smile and say “Hi!” to me. Thrilled me to my toes every time. I miss that feeling.


  3. Nothing builds up an appetite quite like waiting.

    When I was about ten I went an entire year without candy because of a bet I had with my grandpa. As the fireworks were exploding all around on the New Year’s eve that marked the end of my candy exile I stuffed my face with chocolate. It was glorious.


  4. Is this not how it is done?

    When I was about 6-7 I asked what we were supposed to do when it turned midnight. My mom made the motion of doing the toast, but didn’t explain or tell me other details. The party stopped for a second right after I threw my champagne glass at the ceiling. Yes, I live an exciting life.


  5. Chill like it is 1999


    Me, my mom and dad, and my older brother just laid a blanket on the driveway and stared at the stars while the new millennium rolled in


  6. Hold your ground

    My girlfriend and I a couple of years back decided to just go to a dive bar within walking distance from our house and not join the masses going out. This place was an absolute dump, max capacity could not be more than 60 people.

    We kept getting calls from my friends and her friends inviting us to random clubs all over town. We held strong and said nope, but we will be at this dive bar if you want to come (no one wants to drink here lol).

    But what do you know, every god damn person we talked to showed up. Friends of ours that don’t know each other (makes for an awkward clash). But everyone actually got along great. Never again have that group gotten together again. And every new years falls short when being compared to that one.


  7. We didn't prepare for this!

    Not sure if this will be seen, but my best new years was that of 1999, i was 9 years old at the time and i worked together with my dad to pull off the greatest prank in history. A few minutes before midnight i synced up a wrist watch with the countdown on tv. My dad pointed me in the direction of the breaker which was in our garage and showed me the lever to pull which would cut all power to the house. Now i dont know if you remember the hype but the year 2000 was supposed to destroy all of our computers and technology sending us back to the stone ages. So the moment grew closer as i watched the seconds tick by on my wrist watch, it soon became apparent that i wouldnt need it as i could hear all my relatives inside counting down 10, 9 , 8 … 2, 1 ! i pulled the lever at the perfect timing and everything went black. The first thing i heard was from my aunt ” OH MY GOD, IT HIT Y2K HIT!!” I was only going to leave the power out for 10 seconds or so but the lever was stuck and i couldnt get it back up for about 2 mins, during which the whole time i heard my family freaking out, then eventually they looked outside and started to wonder why our neighbors still had power, haha thinking back i really wish we would have recorded this probably could have won 10,000 dollars.


  8. This is very nice

    The last new years I spent with my parents together in 2003. My mom was in the hospital due to a seizure from MS and my dad and her had a tradition of lobster on new years. Even though I hated lobster(hey I was 13) I ended up cooking it and bringing it to the hospital for them to share. We got to be together for midnight it was awesome. My dad passed away two months later unfortunately. My mom is still here but that was probably my favorite day. They were able to have one more shared lobster dinner to ring in the new year.


  9. He was a drummer, and you should always kiss the drummer.

    The first year I jumped on stage to kiss my boyfriend at midnight.

    Six years later and it’s become tradition – but this is the first year I get to do it as his wife. :-)


  10. This sounds fun and why every 1000 years should happen more often.

    Millennium party. I was 10 so I didn’t get the magnitude but it was insane. All our family friends had come over, so maybe seventy people. 10lb Ghiradelli chocolate “cake” slab which we broke apart with a hammer. Dancing until five am and several grandmas doing the Macarena in unison. We still find the glitter from that party in the nooks and crannies of the house. Everyone had a blast and only left once my dad suggested breakfast.


  11. I wish I knew all the details

    Got drunk and then fell through my teachers garage roof!


  12. This is both very uplifting and very sad.

    My best New Years? The last 10 of them, because I spent them with my wife and kid.

    We live in Detroit, so we go to the basement and have cookies and sparkling grape juice (the kind that looks like wine bottles). I call it “cowering in the basement,” because people like to shoot here instead of ringing bells.



  13. A beautiful moment of fleeting optimism

    New Year 2003. Final year of high school, everyone was nervous and excited about going away for university in 6 months. A friend was hosting the party at his parent’s place (with their consent) and we had plenty of booze for the festivities.

    Highlight for me was losing my virginity to a girl in our social group who I had a major crush on. After the party had wound down and dawn was breaking, a group of us went to the beach to watch the sun rise. I felt so optimistic and content with life. It felt like I was the king of the world. I have not felt like that since…


  14. Everyone knows the time to party is at 9

    Every year for as long as I can remember, I’ve celebrated the new year with my parents, grandparents, and brother at my grandparents’ house in the middle of nowhere. We celebrate at 9 PM because my grandparents can’t stay awake until midnight, and we wear the same “Happy New Year 2003″ hats that have been saved in a garbage bag. My brother and I, the only ones awake at midnight, end up watching the Times Square broadcast on a 17” TV, but can’t be loud because it will wake up everyone. Despite being old enough that I’m visiting home from college, I’m still not allowed to celebrate new years elsewhere. It sucks, but I’m sure I’ll somehow miss it when I’m older…


  15. I don't know if this is the best. Certainly the most memorable.

    One of the few years I decided to stay sober for new year’s eve festivities was one decade ago. When I got into a sword fight a few minutes before the ball dropped.

    I don’t quite remember what led up to it, but we decided that sparring was for pussies, and we were going to duel to first blood. Everyone at the party circled around us for the show.

    I do remember that my opponent was very drunk.

    I was sort of toying with him, practicing my parries and ripostes when my best friend’s gf screamed. I looked over at her and saw blood sprayed across her face.

    My opponent went white.

    My best friend howled with laughter.

    I immediately began looking him over to see where I’d caught him. It only took me a few moments to discover that my hand was covered in blood.

    The fucker had clipped the back of my pinkie.

    So as I stood in the bathroom, patching up a fresh katana wound using only Jack Daniels, tap water and toilet paper, I heard the ball drop on 2004.

    Happy new year.

  16. They normally do

    Last year when my friend broke his foot. He was trying to drop kick a sign……. The sign won.



  17. Keep it small, y'all.

    Last year. Just my parents, my twin sister, and me sitting around, drinking sparkling grape juice. We switched between a How I Met Your Mother marathon and the festivities.

    This year we have netflix, so we’re going to do the same thing and watch movies instead.

    New Years has gotten so much better now that my mother doesn’t invite the extends over to stay the night. Last time she did that, they ended up staying for three days and I was sick of them after the first hour.


  18. Who's a failure now, world?

    Last December, I returned home after moving 200+ miles away and felt like kind of a failure – I had tried to be independent and daring in a new city, and had lasted less than a year.

    A friend from high school and college invited me to a party with people I hadn’t seen in months, and I was excited to see people I loved. I bought a new dress, made a pie and made my way there.

    I re-met a guy who I had known for years, but we hadn’t been close before that night. We started talking, and haven’t stopped talking since – we were dating less than 3 months later. I owe a lot of my confidence and strength from the last year to him, and I haven’t been as happy with myself or any relationship before this guy came around. I honestly believe that party changed my life. Best New Years ever.

  19. Voice actors are the best

    Last New Year’s Eve was pretty sweet. I had a great time at a house party with friends, but the highlight had to be partying with the lady who did the voice of Jimmy Neutron. I even got a recording of her best drunken party trick…wishing me a happy New Year in her Jimmy Neutron voice. Debi Derryberry, you’re fuckin awesome!


  20. Congrats!

    3 years ago! I got to bang my first milf!


  21. Start over. We missed it.

    I have to say the best was probably in Edinburgh a couple of years ago. It was the last night of a legendary goth/metal club called The Mission.

    To be honest I don’t remember too much, only the fact that there were so many people it actually rained sweat from the ceiling and we missed midnight completely. When we checked it had suddenly become 3am.

    Good times.


  22. Mario Kart is more exciting than a clock.

    I was at my friends house (we were 5-6) and playing mario kart in her GameCube. We had been playing all night, until a bunch of adults came downstairs and said “happy new year!” Our response? “Move! We can’t see the screen!” Since they were standing in front of it.

    I miss that.


  23. I know who didn't have the best New Years Eve

    Over 40 people crammed into tiny Chicago apartment. Toilet clogs. Everyone pees/vomits off balcony instead. In the morning we wake up to see a motorcycle directly below the balcony completely caked in frozen piss and vomit. Owner was not happy.


  24. Why do so many of these take a sad turn?

    My favourite NYE was two years ago.

    It has been, so far, the only new years I have had a boyfriend, and although things ended badly, I was so pleased at the time to finally have someone I could share the night with. We went up to the hill near where he lived and watched the fireworks, still wrapped in towels from his spa. (We live in Aus so it was warm).

    And now in Aus it is 9:30pm NYE and I am at home with my parents, probably will go to bed before midnight and im just wishing I had someone to spend the night with.


  25. A riot at parties

    Resolved at 8 never to make another resolution. I now take some pleasure in explaining this at length to all the people who try to make conversation about their newest weight loss resolutions.


  26. Now ain't that the truth?

    If you can still remember what you did on New Year’s Eve you didn’t drink enough.