I'm a self-professed Costco lover. Shopping there, eating there, grazing on the free samples there, ambling about and seeing the new deals and incredible values, I mean, I get a sense of what America is really all about while walking through the huge warehouse of a Costco and seeing all of the amazing products on display.

And if you were ever in a Costco the weeks leading up to Christmas, you'll have noticed the chain was selling an enormous stuffed bear. And by enormous I mean absolutely GIANT. And although these things are pretty cool on paper, actually owning one and having it in your home is a completely different story.

Something Jimmy Kimmel found out the hard way when his sister-in-law bought one for his daughter for Christmas. So he decided to return the favor.

It's the rule of fives. Let's hope this senseless ginormous stuffed-animal race ends here.