Wedding rituals can tend to get a little stale or silly after a while. I do understand the importance of traditions, of feeding someone a piece of cake and having the first dance and letting people close to you give speeches. It's all wonderful and great and nice and it comes from a place of love and warmth.

But it tends to get all kinda...same-y after a while. Each wedding seems like a carbon copy of the last, and that one's a carbon copy of the one before and so on and so forth...they all tend to blend together after a while.

So whenever people try to inject some humor and fun into their wedding traditions, as long as it comes from an honest place, it usually comes out pretty damn awesome.

And I don't know these guys who decided to dress up like McDonald's menu items for their groomsmen photo shoot, but I wish I did.


Chen Guanyou from Singapore dressed up like Ronald McDonald and rolled in deep with his boys who got decked out as Mickey D's food, as well as McDonald's employees.

Chen's bride-to-be has super healthy eating habits, a stark contrast to Chen's love of fast food. He gets McDonald's at least once a week.


"My wife hates fast food — she's very health-conscious. So [if] she wants to marry me she has to accept this," Chen said in an interview with Mashable.

If you're looking to get awesome costumes like Chen and his gang's, your Amazon Prime account won't help you: he made them by hand.


Chen says that his wife loved the surprise and it made the set of "challenges" the groom and his gang had to complete in order to win the hand of the bride that much more fun.

Thankfully, for the internet's enjoyment, they edited together a pretty slick video of the anthropomorphic fast-food experience.

I can only imagine how much fun the wedding's going to be. (h/t mashable)