Anytime Ryan Reynolds does pretty much anything, I perk my ears up. The man has found his stride and just keeps barreling ahead. Deadpool was amazing. His public interviews are incredible. Even his commercials and ad campaigns are entertaining. And don't even get me started on the man's Twitter account.

And last night at the Golden Globes, the man just continued being most excellent and he didn't even need to be on stage to do it.

Because although Ryan Gosling took home the globe for Best Actor in a motion-picture comedy, Reynolds got some attention of his own.


If you didn't catch it: that's Reynolds totally making out with Andrew Garfield in the background.


Of course the internet had some very strong feelings about two of world's most beautiful men locking lips at the best possible moment.

The consolation kiss is the height of comedic timing. I seriously can't think of a better example.

The kiss is already giving people hope for the new year.

And is giving us ideas for the greatest Marvel movie idea of all time.

But mostly people just couldn't handle it.






Great, now I feel like I actually need to watch these awards shows.