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26 Reasons People Will Never Go Back To A Restaurant

26 Reasons People Will Never Go Back To A Restaurant
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I’m a millennial which means I can’t cook, or more accurately, I can’t be bothered to cook. Point is I go to a lot of restaurants, or more accurately, I go to a lot of pizzarias. I’m in perfectly fine shape though, or more accurately, I am equal parts hair and fat. 
The point is I have seen a lot of things in pizzarias. Things that would make a lesser man say, “Nope!” I once had a cat crawl all over while I was trying to eat. I could have complained but then what?  Go home and make something for myself? No thank you.  
I'd go back every night.
 We got home and realized neither of us had paid the bill. 
But, dude, free bones...
Found a bunch of eaten chicken wing bones in my appetizer basket. They just dropped a new piece of paper over them and filled it up with onion rings. Pointed it out to the manager, declined to get my app for free and walked out. 
Can you find all the hidden slices?
Went to a Pizza Hut in my town for a school trip when I was 13. A friend thought he was being funny and put a slice of pizza under one of those rubberized table cloths they used at the time. About a month later his grandma took us for his birthday. The pizza was still there. I don’t go to that Pizza Hut anymore. 
Not the part they were curious about.
My wife is Celiac. So, really intense real gluten “allergy”.
We get a gluten free menu. It lists chicken and waffles. She orders it. Takes a few bites. Comments that it’s the best gluten free waffle she’s ever tasted.
Starts to feel sick. Asks the waiter. “Oh, the waffle isn’t gluten free, just the chicken.” 
Very crunchy food.
I was at a Macaroni Grill. Felt something on my leg, then swatted at my jeans. Went to the bathroom and found nothing, but returned and saw there was a crushed roach under the table. (Basically I crushed it against my jeans and it had fallen out of the jeans afterwards.)
Told the waitress who just offered a free dessert. Really wasn’t angry, we just joked about it, but afterwards I avoided that location. 
 It closed down 
Did not expect this ending
 I used to go to a diner all the time that was owned by a guy who was friends of my parents. From when I was around 10 or so, I would stop there on my way to school almost daily and get breakfast (usually just cereal or some toast, sometimes eggs), as my parents both worked early and wouldn’t be home. Never paid a dime either. On weekends I would usually go there with my parents and get a full fry up, eggs/bacon/sausage/hashbrowns/ham, the works. The food was incredible.
I had a huge crush on one of the waitresses. She would always be working the mornings and would talk to me and be super friendly and call me sweetie or hunny and I’d always look forwards to seeing her. I’m sure she knew it, too. She was gorgeous, or at least she was to 10 year old me.
Anyway, we moved, and one of my last thoughts as we were leaving that town were “I’m never going to that restaurant again 
It doesn't sound like they want your business.
There a little cafe in my town that I would frequent about twice a month. I went there a couple months ago and asked to place a to-go order, the waitress told me to wait to see if they could still take orders (this was at like 6:30 pm so no reason why they wouldn’t be taking orders). She’s gone for like 15 minutes, comes back and says that they aren’t taking any more orders for the night. As she’s saying this a couple comes in and sits down. She proceeds to give them a menu and asks to take their order. I just said “You have to be freaking kidding me! I’m never coming here again” and stormed out. 
It is a Chinese delicacy
 During college, I caught the Chinese food restaurant’s employees sneezing in the food. They saw me see it from far away and walked into the back. Told everyone I knew. 
How dare you interrupt her conversation!
 We were completely ignored. It was a small, family-owned Mexican restaurant that was extremely popular. We had been there many times. We were the only people sitting in one waitress’ section. We watched her as she stood there talking to the bus boys and cooks in plain view of our table. We had to walk up to her to ask her to take our order and go up again to ask for another margarita. We then had to go up and ask for the check. It was the only time I didn’t leave a tip.
I have no idea what we did to her. The other waitress in a different section was actually doing her job and she had a full section. The only thing I can think of is it was the end of her shift and she didn’t care. 
 I went to Red Robin once and there was a partially frozen, entire stick of butter on my steak. 
That's the best part.
 The little brownie mix package was baked into the goddamn brownie 
No. It is not fair.
 When I was 3 my parents and I were at a Pizza Hut and when the waiter brought out drinks, he spilled them all over me (all three of us got pop so I was sticky). This in itself wasn’t too bad, but when my parents got the check, the realized that they got charged for two sets of drinks, including the ones that were spilled on me! When my dad asked the waiter about this he said it was only fair, this is the only time I’ve ever seen my dad not tip. 
They want you to know it is authentic.
 Went to Olive Garden. I got pasta Alfredo and at the bottom of my dish their was plastic. Not like a tiny piece, but THE ENTIRE FUCKING WRAPPER FOR PARMESAN CHEESE! I gagged. 
I guess that is why it is called OLD Country Buffet. Amiright?
We went to the Old Country Buffet a long time ago, and my dad got a hot dog that turned out to be moldy.We haven’t gone back. 
Not the best date
 A family owned restaurant didn’t honor a 3 week in advance reservation for Valentine’s day, but instead overbooked and didn’t seat us until an hour later, then proceeded to give us silverware and ask us for drinks 20 minutes after that. We just said not to bother and left. 
You are a disappointment
Went to a new restaurant with my family. Right near the house, so hopefully it can be a new common place. Plus, I’d heard the wings were fantastic.
So we go in. Takes a while for us to have someone come take our drink orders. So, oh well.
My dad orders a sandwich and a cup of soup. Now, if you order soup, do you not expect it to come before the entree? Well, we get our entrees (side note, the wings weren’t great), but my dad didn’t get his soup, so he tells the waitress and she says she’ll go get it, but he says nevermind because he has his entree.
So. We eat. Food was okay. Nothing to rave about.
We get the check and notice the soup is on it. We ask the waitress why it’s on there, and she says because we ordered it. Well, we didn’t eat it, so no reason we should pay for it. Ask to speak to the manager. Now, a $3 cup of soup isn’t a big deal, but it’s the principle of it.
Manager speaks to us. We say we shouldn’t need to pay for it because we didn’t eat it. He disagrees. We ordered it, and therefore we should pay for it.
Long story short, we end up telling him to go fuck himself, and that he doesn’t want “our type” eating there anyways. Still not sure in what way he meant that. Jewish? New Yorkers?
A month or two later they’re shut down.Fuck them. 
You know, like in Ratatouille.
 Indian buffet. Rats running along a ledge and taking Olympic level dives onto the food. 
There has to be a better way of measuring temperature.
 They bring out food quickly after I order it.. it’s luke-warm, I send it back.. I hear the microwave ding, they bring it out, still cold in the center, they put their finger in the center to verify, they bring it back. Ding! “May I have a to go box?” 
Went to a sushi joint for a birthday with about a dozen people. Ordered fat stacks of snacks. Waited over an hour for the main course. I then inquired as to where the piles were. Turns out the kitchen ‘lost the ticket.’
Ended up being after closing time and they refused to make our dinner. They essentially kicked us out with our dick in our hands. Made the birthday girl cry and everything. 
Mediocre things come to those who wait.
 It literally took almost four hours to get our food- almost an hour to get a seat and 3 after we ordered.. Not busy and not a holiday. Tables were open everywhere. Couldn’t understand what the fuck their problem was. And it wasn’t even that good. We should have left but his mom was adamant we try their food. Horrible experience. It’s a restaurant in Ligoneir PA 
It is the special prize inside!
 Went to a local mexican place and got a burrito. Took a bite in and found glass. 
So it smelt like Chinese food?
Chinese restaurant i used to love. I went to pick up take out one day and the whole restaurant was super humid and smelled strongly like a sour towel.
I figured they had some roof leak issue or something. I saw they closed for a couple weeks, so i thought they were fixing the issue.
I waited another couple months before giving it another shot. It still smelled, but worse. They had done no remodeling or anything. It was time to find a new Chinese place. 
This can't be the whole story.
 When the owner explicitly stated that I wasn’t allowed in the restaurant anymore. 
 It was our favorite bar. We used to live down the road from it. We had our first date there and knew every employee. Even the cooks in the back.
We moved about 25 minutes away. We got engaged and needed to save money. We went for the first time in months. The menu changed drastically, the management changed, almost none of the servers recognized us, as most staff had left. We tried to give it a go, but the food was awful, they’d even changed cooks.
We realized what we had was gone. 
Customer is always wrong
There was a small fly (a fruit fly I think) in my fried egg. It was all fried and crispy. I wasn’t even that bothered, I’m not a confrontational person. I didn’t even want a whole new meal, I just wanted a new egg. The waitress came back from the kitchen and said that the chef was insisting it was a bit of “herb” that he uses in his cooking. You could see the legs and wings. They were so insistent that I could see it wasn’t worth arguing. They were a new business as well so you would have thought they would want to establish a customer base.