Valentine’s day is coming up and that means you will be doing one of two things. Either you and your loved one will share a romantic evening, or you will be alone on twitter. Two equally valid options. 

With the first choice you will get to longingly stare as your loved one and wonder how you could ever be apart. On the you you get to sadly stare a glowing rectangle and wonder how you could ever be apart. 

Maybe you will get a kiss. Or maybe you won’t.

Perhaps someone will give you chocolate as a gift. Or perhaps you will eat chocolate by yourself because you are a big fatty and no one will ever love you.

Like I said, two equally valid choices. 

  • Been there, buddy.

  • How scandalous. They are related!

  • And everyday after that

  • It is popular among lonely people

  • I feel worse now

  • Noted

  • People love it

  • Well, she sounds lovely.

  • You must feel like such an idiot

  • Don't say that!

  • You could buy a valentine with that kind of money

  • Both things can be true!

  • Never forget

  • Sounds expensive

  • Oh, buddy...

  • You have one date? Well, I have twenty ducks!

  • Long may she reign

  • You don't understand me or dishes!

  • Worth it

  • She'll faint with joy

  • Obviously

  • Which one are you?

  • Pain gets worse with drinking

  • It sounds like it is going great

  • Yes

  • It's what I do every year

  • Watch me flaunt my wealth

  • Not too shabby

  • But you cat hasn't!

  • Likewise

  • How post-modern