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Kellyanne Conway Had No Idea She Was Taking A Selfie With The Biggest Troll Of All Time

There are some moments of bold-faced trolling that will go down in history. Like when Stephen Colbert was booked for George W. Bush's White House Correspondence dinner by a bunch of people who had no idea he was a parody Republican Comedy Show Host.

If they weren't sure what the definition of satire was before that night, they were sure of it then.

But epic roast sessions don't need to be broadcast on national television, nor does it require a special occasion or a bunch of professionally written jokes. 

Sometimes all you need is a dose of brutal truth, a selfie, and a huge set of figurative balls.

Instead of saying "Say Cheese" he says, "Say, I'm ruining America!" Kellyanne doesn't seem to find the joke funny, which is understandable, considering her own set when she did stand-up way back when wasn't exactly Carlin material.

Twitter, on the other hand, thought that the dig was hilarious.
A poll on what was a more gangster form of protest was started.
But mostly, people were just happy that someone had the balls to say what a lot of Americans feel to Conway's face.