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These Hipster Yankee Candles Are Perfect For The Too-Cool Person In Your Life

Full disclosure, I am not a hipster. I mean, sure, I live in Brooklyn, specially in Williamsburg. And yes, that neighborhood may have the greatest number of hipsters on the East Coast. I assure you though that is it all just a coincidence. 

Okay. I also drink PBR, but in my defense I sometimes drink beers that aren't that. Just not most of the time. I know that may make me sound like a hipster, but I disagree because I don't like labels. Oh, crap.

Listen, I'm not a hipster, okay? I do all kinds of things that a hipster would never do. I mean, just last night I was producing an experimental comedy show. You've probably never heard of it though. Gah!  Okay. That does not sound great. 

Well, all right, here's something. I would never buy any of the candles of this list and if not buying fictional products on this list I assembled doesn't prove to you who I am, I don't know what would. 

Yes but is it HMO free?
Please. I always smell this.
Smells as good it tastes
Don't get that scene with digital downloads
Smells like the opposite of shampoo
The best kept secret
Can find it on a street corner, just watching you
I'm out
Smells like the previous owner
Still not over Kurt's death, you know?
Suburbia ruined it, man.
So masculine.
Very, very musty.
Just spray Axe over it.
Smells like sweat and spilled drinks.
He inherited this candle.
It would have won!
So many different flavors..
What a combo!
Ugh. I knew you wouldn't understand.
I only buy things with a bird on them.
Who wants to wear a belt in the summertime?
Never get a pet store check.
It is healthier?
Smells like success
Why drink anything else?
So functional!
Tastes just like PBR!