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Twitter Users Reminisce On The 'Stupid Things We Used To Do' And Everyone Can Relate

Twitter Users Reminisce On The 'Stupid Things We Used To Do' And Everyone Can Relate
Updated 1 year ago

Perhaps the most important part of childhood is making mistakes. It is the one and only time in our life when messing up is deemed acceptable. Sadly, we must all grow out of that. Maturation is nothing more than being less and less of an idiot or, more accurately, becoming an idiot about different things.  

And, yes, sometimes it takes some of us longer than other to relinquish our foolish tendencies and beliefs but it is something we must all go through so that we can become the real fool we were always destined to be.

Now isn't that something? We have a feeling you'll relate to the "stupid things" these Twitter users used to do... And hey, maybe we still do them, once in a while. Part of life is making mistakes, right?

What is this? The 1930's?
I believe you.
How did you manage?
Gotta be me.
You fool!
Nope. Never again.
Um, why?
It isn't.
I hope you learned your lesson.
Not so much stupid as it is creepy.
Everyone knows this story. You just keep forgetting.
I mean, it sounds delightful.
You can do better.
29 Forever!
Stupid and wasteful
It is a stupid, stupid dance.
That poor purse.
Wait for it.
I mean, it does seem like a fun time.
Looks like someone woke up
Wait. Is this wrong?
Why don't you listen?
It is like walking on mattresses.
What did these trees look like?
It'll kill ya.
Don't we all?