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These 30 Regrettable Fashion Choices Are Relatable To Every '90s Kid

When I was in 8th grade, I decided to spend the whole academic year wearing shorts and a t-shirt to school, and I did it. I grew up in New York and we got plenty of snow that year, so it was a weird and completely pointless thing to do. It was fine, though. After a while the cold stops bothering me, partially because I got used to it, but mostly because of the nerve damage it caused.

I bring it up because we all made stupid fashion choices when we were younger. Some of us clashed colors, and some of us caused enough damage to our skin that we had to see a doctor about it who prescribed wearing pants. Two equally foolish paths.

But, hey, at least I wasn't that idiot who wore knee-high socks, although in retrospect that would have been a good idea.

This wannabe Guy Fieri
For me, 7th grade school picture day was actually just a field trip to Flavortown. from blunderyears
Nailed it!
Apparently I didn't know how to smile in first grade from blunderyears
It was a good attempt
Presenting my 2004 Resume! "they'll hire me for sure" They didn't. from blunderyears
How else can I talk to my teammates?
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A very old little girl
I was born in 1981, but turned 55 in 1992. from blunderyears
A lovely bride with her electric groom
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People always came at him
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The only thing better than that shirt are those pants
my outfit for first day of like 5th grade or something from blunderyears
Who the hell designed this?
When I was 8 and in a dance club. from blunderyears
Yeah, I'm not intimidated
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Happy you grew out of this phase
Found this picture of me 15 years ago hanging up at my grandmothers today at Thanksgiving. from blunderyears
Was that your only shirt?
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Where to start with this one?
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One of these things is not like the other.
I couldn't go to the beach without bringing along jeans and a bad attitude. from blunderyears
The resemblance is uncanny
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Woah! This is intense.
Me when I was 12 from blunderyears
This is peak Myspace.
I'll never forget how much work went into this Myspace pic. from blunderyears
Can't tell if this is a boy or a shark?
I went to school like this more than once from blunderyears
Hard to pull off two bad hair cuts at the same time.
My mom's boyfriend in eighth grade, sporting a mullet/bowl cut. from blunderyears
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Wow. What a badass.
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Who's ready to have a good time?
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Wanna play?
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Only Elvis could pull off this look.
Elvis (16)
Where's your date? ...Oh.
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The cat ears tie the whole outfit together
Don't worry, I wore the cat ears every day of 8th grade, not just on picture day. from blunderyears
Hope you didn't spill anything.
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He's a magician and a prisoner
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Gotta bring your stuffed animals to picture day
My parents won't let this picture die. from blunderyears
Our hood is suburbia
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We were young and foolish, OK?