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Nerdy Uber Driver Reveals Himself As One Of The Greatest Living Rappers

I hate taking taxis and I really hate taking Ubers. Part of the fact is that I don't like interacting with the driver. As I'm sure you can agree, there are a lot of weirdos out there.

I'm sure these two men could relate to my feelings, given that they got into an Uber in Las Vegas and saw one of the nerdiest looking guys the Internet ever brought into existence. Chances are they were considering getting out of the car once he said he wanted to rap for them. They ended up sticking it out and it seems like they are pretty happy they did. 

The diver's name is Oliver Barkell, AKA Ollie B, and he was quickly able to gain some new fans. One of them even excitedly exclaimed: “This dude just turned into G-Eazy outta nowhere."

Barkell later uploaded the private concert to his own YouTube channel where he confirmed: "This video is a 100% REAL REACTION. Didn't know the guys, friended them on facebook afterwards. Yes I really am an Uber Driver"

If the comments are any indication of real life, it looks like he is going to have a lot more friends and fans now.

I felt the fire! :)

conrad iyayi

Absolutely Killed it! Fucken blow up!

Harshyt Goel

that was awesome !!! legit just subed for seeing this


This is insane bro. Wow.


This video just made my day bro!   you got a good start and you're gonna be super popular in no time!

Jason Kerestes

If you want to see more of Ollie B's work be sure to check out his Youtube channel

Just goes to show, you can't judge a book by its cover.