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Donald Trump's Ties
This Twitter Account Parodies Donald Trump's Ties And We Can't Get Enough

Say what you will about Donald Trump, but the man has a look. No one else has that haircut, no one else wears suits that fit quite like his do, and no one else has ties that long. While I know he likes to boast about size, his ties are a classic example of showing and not telling. I mean, they are absurd. 

I'm not the only person to have noticed this. In fact, a Twitter account has popped up recently that is dedicated to highlighting how long his ties are. Yes, the photos are altered to make them look bigger than they actually are, but they are only altered a little bit. That's the crazy part!

It's like a leash.
It suffocates its prey before eating.
I can tell you're nervous...
Don't trip!
Look at it!
The tie has the real answers.
Wanna share?
This thing always gets tangled...
We see what you are doing...
Nothing is as beautiful as a tie waving in the wind, right?
Hey! Watch where you step!
Follow me!
My tie seems to like you.
Do you like it?
Looking good!
The tie agrees.
Hold on tight!
The tie is waving, too!

Classic, no?