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The Hilarious Ways These People Describe Social Media Are Too Real

Social media. What is it? Is it a place for people to share ideas and bond over common interests, or is it a hell-like landscape of viciousness and tribalism, or is it... No, actually that's it. I got it.

Social media is one of those things that sounds good in theory, but ultimately gets ruined by idiots. Since there are so many idiots on social media, we need to teach them how to use it properly. But since they are idiots, they may not understand what we are trying to teach them. Maybe if we try explaining it poorly, then they will understand...

Worth a shot, right?

Smiles and nods nervously...
Don't you ever question him!
You can't avoid it.
One of us! One of us!
Everyone should follow these rules. No one does.
Speak for yourself.
Tweets are the new petitions, right?
So, like anywhere else?
Not for long though.
Repeat until the end of time.
It's a zoo!
No one wants to see your selfies.
Sounds perfect.
Why not both?
Yeah, boi!
No one knows where he went?
Yes. Your "Friends."
Make it stop!
But they know you are stalking them.
You'll find it very soon.
Oh, how I wish I could be with them.
Witness me!
I mean, I work on the Internet so....
Gotta get my fix of likes!
My memes are the dankest.
What were we talking about?