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These Are The Dumbest Things Friends Have Ever Argued Over

I love a good argument. I'm always up for a challenge, but since we live in a time where nearly everyone agrees on almost everything it can be hard to find something to fight over.  So I've argued if old people have a distinct scent, whether or not bats are cute, should I pay taxes... You get the idea.

Some people may call these arguments dumb and meaningless. Care to debate that? 

Things are not the thing they are!
Never forget. Never forgive.
My mother in law tried to have an ongoing argument with me for 2 years about how while on a family vacation, I chose the restaurant we ate lunch at, and she wanted to be the one to choose. She didn't say anything at the time she waited until we got home.
Every contact she had with me for 2 years after that she would get mad about something and bring up the restraurant ordeal she just couldn't let it go.
Eventually she cursed me out on Christmas morning because she didn't like the Christmas Card I had sent out.
That was 2 years ago and I haven't spoke to her since and my life is way better now. 10/10 would cut her out again
UPDATE: I just asked my husband if he knows if she is still mad about the issue because I haven't talked to her in 2 years so I wouldn't know. He said she brought this up to him a few weeks ago. So it still isn't over. She will carve it into her gravestone apparently!!!


Stop it with your nonsense.
She's always watching.
I argued with a kid for 10 minutes about how multiplying something by 1 doesn't change the value of it. This was in college math, community college at its finest.


I hate sand.
I honestly don't remember how we got onto this subject, but somehow my friends and I started arguing about which Star Wars movie was the sandiest.
FRIEND: Episode 1 definitely had the most sand.
OTHER FRIEND: No way, Episode 6 had way more sand than Episode 1.
ME: Well I think Episode 4 has more sand than Episode 6, most of the scenes on Tatooine in Episode 6 are indoors.
FRIEND: You guys are crazy, it's Episode 1. The pod race covered way more sand than is shown in Episodes 4 or 6.
ME: Okay first of all, there wasn't much sand, it was almost all rocks. Secondly, it was almost all CGI! Episode 4 had more real, granular sand on screen.
OTHER FRIEND: Wait, if CGI is acceptable then I think Episode 7 wins by a landslide. TONS of sand all over the place during the Millenium Falcon chase scene.
ME: Okay, I will allow that Episode 7 has the most sand if we count CGI, but I think Episode 4 wins otherwise.
[Insert "I hate sand" quote here]


They wish.
For some reason, I don't think this was a troll.
No, you are mistaken!
Wait 'til all those rich kids get a load of me.
Well, better start making it now.
At least she had an excuse.
The moon is tearing this family apart!
Take your tools and get out of here!
I argued for a solid 30 minutes with an engineer about the diameter of a pipe I was standing in front of with a tape measure.


This is a tough one.
Try telling that to the people of Taiwan.
Who cares about your evidence?
Dude, just do a blind taste test.
Suck it indeed.
Just one red planet is called a Mar.
It isn't the same place... yet.
Yeah. I wouldn't spend time with this guy.
Never trust an official source.
What a pal.
My friends and I have a group chat. The four of us went through a phase where we'd kick each other left and right for pissing us off.
My friend and I, let's call him T, would get pissed to all hell because our other friend, N, would argue for the sake of arguing. He would have no point, no endgame in mind, he would just argue to the sake of arguing. When I say he would argue, it would just be to piss us off. He argued for us for an hour straight how TV shows don't require plots or character development, just funny scenes, and it hit a point where he said he was entitled to leave our messages on "read by" even though we'd ask a question directly pertaining to him, such as,
"Are you coming with us to the movie?"
"Seen by N."
"Please answer."
"I don't fucking have to if I don't want to."
We had an intervention for him at one point, where he said he couldn't be a "pushover." He argued with his best friends over nothing for 4 months all because he didn't want to be considered a pushover.


It comes up five times. I checked.
Art makes people do crazy things.