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Man Trolls Paul Ryan In Photo With Epic Shirt, Immediately Goes Viral

If there is one thing politicians love, it is being the center of attention. Have you ever been to a rally? It's all just, "me, me, me." That sort of makes sense in context, but even so.

In my opinion, one of the ways politicians get their narcissistic itch scratched is by posing for photographs with supporters. It is their way of showing their popularity to, to borrow a phrase, the haters and the losers. 

However, the haters and losers know this and can sometimes use it to their advantage. Here's some advice to all our elected officials: Make sure whoever is posing with you is actually a fan. This is a lesson House Speaker Paul Ryan learned the hard way.

The shirt reads ""REPEAL AND GO F**K YOURSELF" -GOP." It's safe to assume Ryan didn't see that shirt until it was too late.

Some people consider this act to just be childish trolling. However, most seem to be on board. 

In Ryan's defense, it must be hard for him to read everything. I mean, think about all those bills he is definitely reading. You feel me?