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People Share The Dumbest Things They Used To Believe And It's Too Real

One of the most surprising things in this world is whenever you learn that your once held beliefs are completely untrue. That is the kind of thing that is always hard to process. It makes sense why. We have a desire to be right at all times and it can be devastating when we are not, especially when we are wrong in a spectacular fashion.

For example, you might grow up thinking that all dogs are boys and all cats are girls and be shocked when you learn that isn't true, because how could that possibly be true?

Oh, I'm sure you knew everything growing up. Who are you to judge me? 

How foolish we were and currently are
If only the police could shut that place down
Happens when the copyright expires
I mean, you can see the logic, right?
Don't ask him about his brother
And people say therapy isn't helpful
You didn't get pregnant so she wasn't wrong.
It's not!?
It is a dangerous career
Never leave a solider behind
Isn't it crazy how this vegetable tastes just like meat?
Where's my younger sibling?
This must have been a disappointing revelation.
Best use of shrink ray technology
Eclipses aren't real.
Most important car in the world
That's a new and different consquence
Way to cheer up a sick kid
Hope I don't get slammed on my taxes over this
Those cannibals taught me otherwise
Everyone knows Band-Aids are magic
Second worst thing a shark could do
They grow in jars
Who knew sheep's skin was so delicious?
Everything is made in China nowadays
I have news for you...
This seems like a bad plan
Can you fit in a missile?
When I was in kindergarten, there would often be an announcement over the intercom John Doe (or whoever) please come to the front office for dismissal. All I heard in dismissal was "missile", so naturally my 6-year-old self thought it was something missile-related, and I was terrified that one day I would be called in for it


Maybe some day
Worst part is that cooties stay with you forever