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These Are The Most Misspelled Words In Every State, According To Pornhub

Last week I wrote an article about Google sharing the most misspelled words by state, according to search data. Not to be outdone, Pornhub has now released their own map of misspelled words, according to their search data.

Much like the map Google released, this one raises some interesting questions. The big one for me is who correctly knows how to spell "Pornhub" but not "Porn?" A lot of people, apparently. 

Likewise, what is "Wbony?" I assume you meant "Ebony," but you had to know that isn't right.   

That being said, I understand why the spelling of "Filipino" is confusing. So, Hawaii, you are forgiven. 

As always, the Internet had their own takeaways here. 

Let's hope that these users all eventually found what they were looking for. 

[h/t Huffington Post]