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These Strange Sea Stories Will Make You Want To Stay On Land Forever
10 months ago

Here's something you may not know. We have more information about the surface of Mars than we do about our ocean floors. Believe it or not, Mars is easier to photograph. 

As a result there is still a lot about our oceans we don't know. That's why there are so many mysterious things about our oceans. We need to further study them, you know, once we are done with Mars. 

And I hope we get to that point soon, because I have a lot of questions after reading some of these stories. 

~250 miles into the Gulf of Mexico on my dad's boat (44 feet). We'd been out there a couple weeks.
It was about two in the morning, ocean was eerily glassy - nary a wave to be seen. When you're that far out, and it's that dark, and the seas are calm, it can be tough to tell when the sky stops and the horizon begins.
The boat was equipped with a light beneath the diving board on the rear (aft) that illuminated maybe a twenty-foot radius beneath and around the boat.
I saw a black shadow beneath me; a silhouette of something large enough to dwarf the boat I stood on. Maybe it was the alcohol, but I don't recall feeling afraid - just curious. I stared at it while it shifted beneath the light for a solid few minutes. I sorta wished it would surface, but I guess part of me was glad that it didn't.
It's not much, and it really could've been anything from a whale to a submarine, but it was still the strangest thing I can remember seeing.


A coconut dressed like a pirate. 2008 during a rally off the baja coast 2-3knot winds barely enough to fill the sails. I watched as a floating coconut dressed like a pirate passed us at about 3 knots against the wind... We jumped in our dingy and caught up to it. Its now sitting in my uncle's storage forever a mystery. Who dressed a coconut up like a pirate. why they dressed it up like a pirate? And how the hell was it going so fast?


Psychic sailor.
My great grandpa was a Frogman (predecessor to the navy SEALs and EOD) in the US navy during world war 2 and he claimed one day when he was on the deck of a ship before a mission and he claimed that for a moment he saw thousands of hands reaching out of the water. A few hours later while he was on shore, the ship was attacked and lots of sailors on the ship died. He didn't believe in "visions" and he always said it was because of the stress of running missions non stop for the last month but the rest of my family thinks he saw a few hours into the future.