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27 Sets Of Stairs That Leave Us Scratching Our Heads

Stairs are a pretty underappreciated invention. Can you even imagine a world without them? How would we get to the second floor? Use a ladder?! No, no.

You'd think that with thousands of years of stairs existing, and the fact that everyone is fan, we would have a pretty good sense of how to make them by now. Turns out, no. What I don't understand is who is making these terrible staircases? Have they never used stairs before? No. They probably use a ladder.

What's the worst that could happen?
For when you want a near death experience every time you use the stairs from CrappyDesign
How am I supposed to walk up this?
I've seen some crappy stairs, but this one takes the cake from CrappyDesign
Choose wisely.
If you choose to go on the left, on the ramp, because you have a bike or stroller, then you will encounter a step later. But if you choose stairs then you will encounter a ramp after the stairs [my OC but x-posted from r/mildlyinteresting] from CrappyDesign
What kind of monster would do such a thing?
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You call this wheelchair accessible?
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I think I'll just stay down here.
These stairs in my sisters house are a joy to use from CrappyDesign
What are you doing there, rail?
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Help! I'm trapped!
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I don't think you know how escalators are supposed to work.
Escalator vs. Stairs from CrappyDesign
You overdid it, stairs!
This one, unnecessary, extra step on these stairs. from CrappyDesign
Where do I go from here?
I walked up these stairs without really thinking and got so confused from CrappyDesign
Now climb!
These beautiful stairs. from CrappyDesign
Don't roll down the ramp.
The stairs wont interfere with the wheelchair ramp... from CrappyDesign
Seems unnecessary.
Russian Stairs from CrappyDesign
Have to go down to go up!
Downward escalator that leads into upward stairs from CrappyDesign
Better build a new stadium, then.
This stair at Ohio Stadium is shorter than the rest and causes multiple people to fall every game from CrappyDesign
Do you want to take the stairs, or the stairs to the elevator?
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Who thought this was a good idea?
I've almost fell down these stairs a few times when I first moved in from CrappyDesign
Let's just make things harder.
These stairs have no point. It isn't a bridge either. from CrappyDesign
I feel like there should be a door here.
Stairs to nowhere from CrappyDesign
You need to be taller!
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People who go through there never come back...
This stair case at my collage from CrappyDesign
I'm on the second and a half floor.
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At least this is a good hiding spot.
Stairs to nothing. from CrappyDesign
I was too busy looking at that ramp that I didn't even see the wall.
Stairs for people with and without disabilities from CrappyDesign
This is not a gate.
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