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46 Hilarious Pictures That Prove Timing Is Everything

46 Hilarious Pictures That Prove Timing Is Everything
Updated 10 months ago

Like anyone who owns a cell phone, I have dabbled with photography. My pictures tend to come out one of two ways: Boring or bad. If I take a picture of something motionless, the photograph is uninteresting. If I take a picture of something exciting, it comes out a blurry mess. 

I'm sure this is a problem all amateur photographers face, but that doesn't make it any less frustrating. Especially when some people can manage to get really lucky and capture the perfect image. I guess they've master the most important skill in photography. Dumb luck. 

1. Is levitating legal in basketball?
5. Outta my way!
6. Who knew soap was so slippery?
7. I meant to do that.
8. I'll just take that.
9. Clumsy owl.
15. I'm taking this!
16. This is why you wear a face mask.
17. This was the last time anyone ever saw him.
24. Happy to know you survived.
27. Why would you even try to pet a squirrel?
28. Are birds cannibals?
29. I see you.
32. Sweet infinity shot.
34. What happened to your face?
35. Why does my beer taste like nothing?
36. How'd I get over here?
37. Pay attention to me!
38. Mom knows what's up.
39. What's the back story here?
40. Succumb to the dark side!
41. We know this is your fault, cat.
43. What a handsome bride.
44. Did your mop become a dog?
45. This took years of practice.