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33 Photos That Will Definitely Leave You Scratching Your Head

33 Photos That Will Definitely Leave You Scratching Your Head
10 months ago

Eyes are a funny thing. They constantly feed us vital information about the world around us, but sometimes it feels like they are really dropping the ball. Think about any time you see an optical illusion. We know what we are looking at is fake, or not quite right, but our eyes will still fall for the trick.

I don't really have a good solution to this problem. Maybe we can all train our eyes to do better. That should work, right? Just try figuring out what's going on in these photos so your eyes will be prepared for the next time you see something just as strange. 

1. That's some hill.
2. Fun fact! She actually has four legs!
3. They don't have a big military.
4. Oh, hey. It's Stretch Armstrong.
6. That gorilla has a man's head for a butt.
8. So, where do you want to go?
9. Please arrange yourself by height.
10. This farmer just broke my brain.
11. Ship as in rocket, not boat.
13. Not the point, but is she licking his face?
16. So cute. Where'd you get it?
18. That's not how you fly!
21. So who's who here?
22. Everything keeps rolling away.
25. Phew! But, also, clean your windshield!
26. Is your dog a Pokemon?
27. The flag can carry itself!
29. This scene is from The Shining, but for dogs.
31. Outta my way, little guy!
33. Good luck figuring this one out.