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19 Old People Who Have Truly Blessed Social Media With Their Comments

When old people and technology converge, beautiful things happen. For example?

1. Dogs become long babies.

Nice old person on Facebook

2. Beans are remembered fondly.

3. McDonald's can rid PCs of viruses.

Old McDonald from oldpeoplefacebook

4. The kitchen turns unexpectedly somber.

At least Debbie Downer liked the photo from oldpeoplefacebook

5. Trader Joe's alienates.

Senior citizen doesn't like Trader Joe's from oldpeoplefacebook

6. There's never a bad time to post a photo of Buzz.

Patty Can't Believe the Buzz About Fatal Accident from oldpeoplefacebook

7. Phones have minds of their own.

Speech-to-text gold from my dad

8. Pigs are beautiful.

Beautiful pig from oldpeoplefacebook

9. The Wu Tang Clam is a popular musical group.

Wu Tang Clam from oldpeoplefacebook

10. Gingers are genetically gifted.

We all love the gingers! (X-post from r/trashy). from oldpeoplefacebook

11. Emojis don't come naturally.

Jeremy Clarkson trying to appeal to the youth from oldpeoplefacebook

12. Dogs are vehemently defended.

How Could You Let The Doggo Get So Sick! from oldpeoplefacebook

13. And any type of abuse is strictly condemned.

Mom's Not Down With This Whole "Dogfighting" Thing! from oldpeoplefacebook

14. Pizza pics are the place for chemo comments.

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15. You always have a wingman.

Grandma is helping you make friends

16. Baking only means brownies.

Wake and Bake from oldpeoplefacebook

17. Van conversions are the talk of the town.

Tony really wants us to know about his van conversion from oldpeoplefacebook

18. One star means first place.

Found this one star review for a dentist's office. from oldpeoplefacebook

19. They just wanna know where the good food is.

WHERE IS THE GOOD FOOD!!!! from oldpeoplefacebook