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24 Lies People Actually Thought Would Work

There is something oddly satisfying about calling someone out. Few things feel better than calling someone a liar and explaining exactly how you know they are a liar. 

Maybe one of the only better feelings is when people do it online. That way it exists forever for the whole world to see. A screencap becomes a plaque commemorating the nonsense that was called out here. 

I mean, sure. You don't get the satisfaction of seeing the liar shrivel up and crawl away, but that is a small price to pay for immortality, no? 

1. I like to think Harry Styles spends all day correcting people on Twitter.
Because celebrities trust any random stranger with their money from quityourbullshit
2. Those are different but exactly the same.
No coming back from this one. from quityourbullshit
3. Fake news!
Media not covering this...
4. It's a private jet that I share with the public.
Lil Bow Wow pretends he's on a private jet, gets called out from quityourbullshit
5. Foiled again by security cameras.
Nice try Adam from quityourbullshit
6. Seems like you don't have the time for a lot of things.
That Anti-Vax epidemiologist... from quityourbullshit
7. Yeah, but they look so similar!
Look, see Crystal Meth & Adderall are the same. from quityourbullshit
8. How dare someone choose what she wants to talk about!
HuffPo gets offended, gets called out for it. from quityourbullshit
9. It's worth repeating that Wendy's has the best social media presence.
OP tried to call bullshit on Wendy's, gets shut down. from quityourbullshit
10. Lying is hella rude.
A nail salon owner responds to a 1 star review
11. A question for the ages.
He did this a lot. from quityourbullshit
12. The dog is innocent!
I have severe trust issues with any "pet shaming" picture these days from quityourbullshit
13. Come on man, indeed.
When your attempt to look cool backfires terribly from quityourbullshit
14. What a well constructed argument.
i'm gettin #pussy from quityourbullshit
15. Thank you, Mom.
This is coming from a guy who can't stop having kids. Scary. from quityourbullshit
16. I'm siding with the police on this one.
OP claims to have gotten a ticket for going 1 mph over the speed limit, Police Department sets record straight.
17. Reckless driving isn't sexy.
I would be flattered but... from quityourbullshit
18. Pff. What do you know about cars?
Website advertises a car for sale claiming it was once owned by Dale Earnhardt Jr, Dale Jr calls them out.
19. I'm angry and I don't know why!
In honor of Cinco de Mayo this week; an activist at my school (who's never been to Mexico) had this to say. from quityourbullshit
20. My face is the top result.
no, er, that's my name from quityourbullshit
21. Still, I want it to cost less.
Review for a bakery and unreasonable estimation. from quityourbullshit
22. We have the same snake? Weird.
Guy steals credit for our homemade snake sweater from quityourbullshit
23. This one bums me out.
OP claims friend's "crazy fiancee" wouldn't let him go on his own birthday trip, so OP and other friends brought a cardboard version along. Friend shows up to set the record straight. from quityourbullshit
24. What were you expecting?
Order expired food, get expired food. from quityourbullshit