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The 25 Craziest Problems Tech Support Has Ever Had To Deal With

8 months ago

I used to work at a school. In addition to my normal teaching responsibilities, I also defaulted into being the IT guy. This was because I had remarkable ability to Google problems, and follow instructions. I was very good at my job. 

Still, there was limits to what I could do. Namely, anything I was unable to Google. Fortunately it never came to that. I never saw any of the following unexplainable problems.

1. The broken keyboard is mocking you!
2. Ancient civilizations had circuit boards too.
3. This is why you don't bring your computer to the beach.
4. How does this even happen?
7. Maybe I'm just not touching hard enough.
9. That poor mouse. You never had a chance.
10. I don't care if it overheats. I just want silence.
13. You can fix this, right?
19. Should have seen this coming.
20. This isn't a problem but still feels wrong.