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The 25 Craziest Problems Tech Support Has Ever Had To Deal With

I used to work at a school. In addition to my normal teaching responsibilities, I also defaulted into being the IT guy. This was because I had remarkable ability to Google problems, and follow instructions. I was very good at my job. 

Still, there was limits to what I could do. Namely, anything I was unable to Google. Fortunately it never came to that. I never saw any of the following unexplainable problems.

1. The broken keyboard is mocking you!
2. Ancient civilizations had circuit boards too.
Ancient Temple of Asus
3. This is why you don't bring your computer to the beach.
"My PC shut off suddenly and won't turn back on." from techsupportgore
4. How does this even happen?
Hospital server room from techsupportgore
5. But it looks like an iPhone!
Client was upset her iPhone wasn't working properly. Diagnosis: Not actually an iPhone. from techsupportgore
6. You have to know this isn't right.
First day on job; set up those 4 wireless speakers for you. from techsupportgore
7. Maybe I'm just not touching hard enough.
I should tell them it's not a touch screen... from techsupportgore
8. Seems safe.
IT Managers workstation. user1 is the Domain Admin. from techsupportgore
9. That poor mouse. You never had a chance.
One of my co-workers was eager to unpack her new mouse. from techsupportgore
10. I don't care if it overheats. I just want silence.
"My fan was making too much noise!" from techsupportgore
11. They are showing durability.
Demo unit at my local Walmart. I can't believe it still functions. from techsupportgore
12. Blegh!
When the acid kicks in. from techsupportgore
13. You can fix this, right?
C/S device fell into "a machine" from techsupportgore
14. Hmm...
I did this intentionally to FIX a problem, but it felt so, so wrong. from techsupportgore
15. Thank you for your service.
This key after 10 years of entering orders at my grandmothers shop from techsupportgore
16. Subtle.
Clients ex thought she could get the 'memory card' out through the screen "to catch the cheating bastard"
17. This is fine.
This sums up how last week went.. from techsupportgore
18. Geez. I wonder why.
They called to see if I could figure out why the wifi got super unreliable at lunchtime from techsupportgore
19. Should have seen this coming.
When your screen overheats. from techsupportgore
20. This isn't a problem but still feels wrong.
Remember to wash your hands after flushing the DNS.
21. The instructions are right there!
Need to save money on iPhone repairs? Just ask your friend to do it. from techsupportgore
22. What did you expect?
Thats not water damage [xpost from /r/gifs] from techsupportgore
23. Why would we use A/C? People never go in here.
2 failed servers and 5 drives within span of 3 weeks. Client is wondering why. from techsupportgore
24. This breaks my heart.
My grandmother used my PS2 for her iron stand from techsupportgore
25. And you're fired.
A prank that made it to the front page of Imgur from techsupportgore